Three apps in three months challenge

For the next three months, I’ll be challenging myself to create three mobile apps and share everything I learn along the way here.

I am planning on creating apps that I would use myself, so even if the apps aren’t entirely successful, I still have a reason to build and maintain them.

I am not going to set a monetary goal for this challenge, but I want people to use the apps I’m building. So, my goal is to get at least 100 users per app by the end of the challenge. For this reason, before building these apps, I will find communities where I can get in touch with people who’d use them, recruit beta testers and develop the apps based on their feedbacks.

If you are planning on becoming an indie developer or if you are already one, you might want to follow my updates here as I will be sharing how I market these apps as transparently as I can, both the failures and the successes.

I will be starting the challenge on June 13, 2019, and will release the first app by July 13, 2019. Wish me luck!

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Evrim Persembe

Hi, I am a software developer, currently based out of Bahrain. I love creating web and mobile apps that are simple to use and beautiful to look at. You can check out some of the projects I worked on, or hire me to work on your project.