I worked at iba AG between June 2012 to September 2013 on the ibaDatawyzer-ICC project.

iba AG is a company that develops hardware and software for acquiring and analyzing data in industrial systems. The project I worked on was a partnership between iba AG and Johannes Gutenberg University, which I was a student of at the time. The idea was to use a time-series matching algorithm on the thickness data of metal coils to identify and keep track of them while they were moving through different steps at a plant, thus preventing the possibility of mislabeling a coil and delivering a coil with wrong specifications to a customer.

I took over the software at iba AG from a colleague and brought it to production level, and iba AG was able to release the product to their customers eventually. I also did create a more modern UI for the software, but this never ended up being used by iba AG, as I left the company. The screenshots you are seeing here are from this modern, proof-of-concept UI I created, instead of the original UI.

This project was written in C# on the .NET Framework.

You can find out more about ibaDatawyzer-ICC on iba’s website.

The mockup used in the image is by Anthony Boyd.

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