First app of the challenge

Before I started the “three apps in three months challenge,” I had already decided on the first app I wanted to create.

Every day, I write down what I want to work on, and, for some tasks, how many hours I want to work on them. For example, “write for an hour,” “do a lower body workout,” “work on coding the app for three hours,” etc. I know these are somewhat vague tasks, so I generally use these as a guideline and use a to-do list software or pen and paper to write down more actionable tasks such as “Finish the first draft of the prisoner’s dilemma article.”

To keep track of how much time I spend on these tasks I use Toggl. But Toggl is mainly targeted to freelancers trying to keep track of how many hours they work for each client, so it somewhat works for me, but it is not perfect.

At the same time, writing for an hour every day and doing a workout are things that I want to commit to, so I want to keep a commitment chain for these goals, i.e. I want to see how many days in a row I have achieved to meet these goals. Having a longer streak would make me less likely to skip a day.

The first app I’ll develop will combine these three things: a simple task list, time tracking, and commitment chains. You will be able to add things to it like “I want to write for an hour every day” or “I want to work out five times a week” or a one time task like “I want to work on designing my app for an hour today.” When you tap on the “writing for an hour” button, it will start counting down from 60 minutes, and you will be able to pause and continue whenever you want, or even work on another task for a while. It will also show you statistics on how many hours you worked on a certain project, how many hours on average you spend on a given task a day or what percentage of your tasks you usually finish and whether or not you are improving on that.

So, how does it go so far? To be completely honest, the first two days didn’t go as well as I planned. I had a lot of errands to run and too little willpower to stick with it. Hopefully, when the app is done, I will be the first one to be helped by it :)

I put down a draft timeline. Here it goes:

  1. Workflow/Copy (1 day): Creating the app workflow and writing the copy for each page.
  2. Design (2 days): Designing the app in Adobe XD with a simple design prototype.
  3. Pre-Development Marketing (2 days): Sharing the design prototype, creating a simple landing page, finding communities that I could use for marketing and finding beta testers.
  4. Coding/Beta Testing/Marketing (17 days): Coding the app in React Native, beta testing it along the way, marketing the app continuously to collect e-mail addresses before release and to find more beta testers.
  5. Pre-Release (2 days): Creating the release plan, beginning to e-mail the followers to create hype, creating release collaterals.
  6. Release (1 day)
  7. Post-Release (4 days): Fixing bugs, more marketing to get more users.

I’ll start with the first step tomorrow.

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