August 23, 2018
2018 - Beyti
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When you enter Beyti, the first thing you notice is how well-decorated it is, and the food also does not lag behind the interiors.

We ordered sucuk (a spicy sausage) and su böreği (layers of pastry filled with cheese) as starters. The sucuk was not too acidic, as sucuks usually are. The spice level was almost perfect. Su böreği was good, but nothing extraordinary.

Our first main course, doner, was beautifully fatty and tender. It was one of the best I’ve tried. Our second main course, beyti kebab, was cooked to medium-rare to medium, and was very tasty, although I personally expected a bit more flavor from it, maybe having exaggerated expectations as this dish originates from this restaurant.

We finished our dinner with a sütlaç (rice pudding), which was one of the good ones I’ve had.

That all being said, we felt that the presentation of the dishes did not measure up to the flavors.

Our waiter, Ramazan Bey, was incredibly hospitable. He, very professionally, guided us when placing our order, courteously toured us throughout the restaurant, and introduced us to the founder of the restaurant Beyti Güler. Beyti Bey was kind enough to take a photo with us, even though he was in the middle of a conversation with his wife.

Overall I definitely recommend the place, and I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Food: 8/10

Experience: 8/10

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